J.K. Precast is owned & operated by Brian R. & Kelly L. Larrick.


J.K.precast offers a complete line of quality precast products including state approved septic tanks from 500 gallon to 4,200 gallon, dosing tanks of all sizes, cisterns, risers and lids of all shapes and sizes, catch basins, parking stops and a complete line of agricultural products from feed bunks to cattle guards.

We also offer a huge selection of products for all your septic system needs including all infiltrator products such as plastic tanks, leaching chambers, EZ-Flow pipe, effluent filters, control panels, Norweco aeration systems, Anua Peat Bio-Filters, ADS pipe products and schedule 40 PVC pipes & filters.

We also have a knowledgeable service department to handle all your on-site septic problems and are certified service providers in 24 counties across Ohio. 


We service and repair all types of on-site septic system products including Norweco, Jet, peat bio-filters, panels and effluent pumps.

Delivery anywhere in the state of Ohio, placed in your excavation site.

Quality precast concrete produsts always in stock. Custom poured products of all types upon request.